Sunday, May 31, 2009

Poem: Ramène-moi dans tes seins

Ramène-moi dans tes seins
A ton cordon ombilical
Que je danse dans ta chaire et intestins
Que je me perds dans le sentier de ton sang
Que je navigue jusqu’aux sources de tes veines
Afrique ma mère, ramène-moi dans tes seins

Et si dans tes mains, tu me feras dormir
Epargnes-moi de l’harmattan et de sirocco
Au fin fond de ta poitrine, laisse ton Coeur battre
Bat en chants du griot de Mandingue
Bat en contes de peuple Shi
Bat et rebat au rythme du Tam-Tam sacré

Porte-moi au dos quand tu iras planter les ignames
Aux champs des oiseaux chanteurs des oiseaux parleurs
Des oiseaux conteurs portant l’histoire du royaume
Dans leurs becs, becs d’argent, becs d’or
Depose-moi à l’ombre du baobab quand tu prendras la houe
Seul, le lion rugissant me gardera

Et quand le soleil se cachera dans sa caverne
Afrique ma mère, ramène-moi dans la hutte
Raconte-moi tes histories enchantant
Ramène-moi dans tes seins
A ton cordon ombilical
Que je danse dans ta chaire et intestins, Afrique ma mère

Ramène-moi dans tes seins.

Poem: I am ready

I am ready

I won’t go to the mountain
Nor to the valley

I won’t go to the village
Nor to town

I have dug into my soul
I have unleashed my spirit
At the ready I have put my heart
When fire stirs
When sea flows
To hear and write

Poem: Martinez my baby sister

Martinez my baby sister

This morning I heard that bird singing
I felt sick like a frog in the dryness
I looked for humidity for living
But no one could bear my restlessness

The bird was as small as you were
Maybe the latest from the wings of her mother
Like you, the last from those hands of our mother
That held you to climb the branches of life

I picture you smiling
See your beautiful dimples
Your lips hide the shimmering teeth
Your eyes light up with life

This bird sings your song
It traces your beautiful face
I thought it was you in the space
To wake up the memories all along

The Sambaza fish on our supper table
Myths and legends of the Shi tribe
The Wednesday gardening
The family evening prayer

The little bird was singing a lyric
Comparable to your music
It brought me to tears as I remembered
The sharing time I missed with family

Martinez my little sister
I remember you at Easter
A time that no one can forget
A time that no one can regret

Despite millions of miles away
Which makes us far from sight
I love you my sister
Yes, I miss you Martinez

Jamala live, UWC, Cape Town 2008