Saturday, December 4, 2010

poem: Alive


So many times you bury me
in the coffin of your cynical mind
your poisonous tongue burns
my fragile bones in stigma of its slanders

Even though each dawn I kiss the golden
lips of unborn day, rays twinkling
on the mountain top above breathing seas
i awake in the grief of aching bones
but still I am alive –still I breathe

I breakfast my bitter pills
spiced in syringe injections
to hold the little life I share with
virus colonies –HIV-AIDS

still, you bury me with words of your mouth
but if only you would listen to my testimony
and walk on my side with open eyes
your cursing words would turn into blessing wishes

I inherited the sword of death in my flesh
orphaned in human wars of desire and love
though I carry the shadow of death within me
i am still on in the heroic marathon of life

I live in slogans and chants of men and women
with no stigma over HIV and AIDS
i am the twilight of hope in nocturnal eclipse
the comrade of spiritual and scientific battle
i am the resurrected miracle of human faith