Thursday, August 13, 2009

“One day to remember the forgotten war of the DR Congo: eye on the African Great Lakes Region”

“One day to remember the forgotten war of the DR Congo: eye on the African Great Lakes Region”

Almost 2 decades of war in the African Great Lakes Region; almost 15 years of war in the DR Congo with more than 6 millions have died but it seems like memory has forgotten the crisis while the silence of the entire world keeps torturing the innocent victims, people of the region.

On the 23rd August 2009 at Herzlia High School, Cape Town; students from various African countries ensemble within the Unity for Tertiary Refugee Students ( UTRS) together with the African United Society(Herzlia High), have decided to remind the world about the story of the DR Congo through a awareness event.
The event is organized in collaboration with the Cape Town Holocaust center and the Congolese community of Cape Town.
The event starts from 9h30 to 16h 30.

4 main activities on the agenda:

  1. Renown national and international speakers:
  • Tim Butcher: Daily telegraph correspondent and author of the famous book “Blood river: a journey though African broken heart”
  • Miriam Matshikiza: Great Lakes Desk Officer of the institute for Justice and reconciliation, Cape Town
  • Kathryn Sturman: From the South African Institute for International Affairs
    Center for healing of memory:
  1. Personal stories from people of the African Great Lakes Region
    Free food and refreshment from the African Great Lakes Region
    Cultural showcase
  2. Music and dance from the Democratic Republic of Congo, Rwanda, Burundi and Uganda
    Poetry and songs from different artists
    An acoustic jam session
    Painting exposition

    The event is open to everyone.
    Transport provided:
    Pick up point: 8H-9H30, Cape Town library (Opposite to the parade)
    Drop off point: 16H30-17H30, Cape Town library.

    Contact: 076 81 37 421